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Address: 105 Haverhill Street, Methuen, MA 01844

Licensed in Massachusetts & New Hampshire

Our Business

Home Inspection Assoc., Inc. provides home inspections to the eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire areas. We provide structural and functional assessments of residential property. We assess all of the major systems of the property, checking for function and condition then alerting the client to any potential problems or deficiencies that the home may have. During the site inspection, the inspector will provide a verbal assessment of the condition of each system, discuss maintenance and recommend repair as necessary. After the inspection, the inspector will provide the client with a comprehensive and detailed inspection report 2-3 business days later.
If you are present, you will leave the inspection with comprehensive knowledge of the investment you’re about to make.

Who We Are

Home Inspection Assoc., Inc. was founded in 1960 by Donald George* and Samuel Maloof*. Our business was the first of its kind in New England. Prior to the establishment of Home Inspection Assoc., home inspection in this area was informal and haphazard at best. In fact, we know of no other inspection company that been around as long as us. Home Inspection Assoc. methodized and formalized the technique of home inspection.

During the early 1960s, Don and Sam built their business through solicitation at home shows and law firms. At that time, home inspection was limited to high value homes for notable New England residents. Attorneys for these clients became so impressed by the work that Donald and Sam performed for their clients, that they began to use Home Inspection Assoc. for their own property and to recommend our company to their other clients. This same trend happened with home shows. Customers who talked with Donald and Sam at these shows began to use their services and were impressed enough to recommend them to others.


Donald and Sam’s friendly, accessible approach and their knowledge of home construction combined with word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers allowed their business to grow and succeed.
Eventually, home inspections became a standard practice for everyone purchasing a home. With the increase in demand for home inspections for every home, Donald and Sam expanded their business by bringing on more inspectors. Sam’s son, Bob Maloof, was the first new member brought into the company, followed by his cousin Mark George followed later by Chris George in 1985. Recently Bob’s sons, Greg & Chris Maloof have joined Home Inspection Associates.

Today our family business continues to provide the same value as it has for nearly 5 decades. We hope to continue to grow and to keep this family profession moving as far into the future as possible.